Brady Senior Home Solutions was created to help Seniors remain in the comfort and safety of their homes, as they age.

A few years ago, Nicola's Grandfather, facing increasing limitations due to health conditions, found himself in the hospital. Naturally, his family rallied around him to provide support. Upon his discharge from the hospital, it was brought to their attention that they should consider a care facility for Grandfather in order to keep him safe and comfortable. Nicola's Grandfather was quite adamant that he did not want to leave his home and so his family was tasked with making sure it was safe for him to remain there.

And, boy was it a project! It was hard to know where to start, what exactly he needed and who could do it. They began with the areas of his home that needed immediate repair (roof, heating/cooling system & electrical), due to his declining health he had been unable to keep up with the maintenance that was required. Their next objective was to make the home safe and accessible for Grandfather. Doug was a helpful resource (with over 20 years of experience as a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator) but they still had to research home modifications and the products available to create more accessibility within the home. Next, they had to interview and select the contractors that were the best fit for the job and oversee them as they worked, to ensure Grandfather's safety during the renovations. It was exhausting and very overwhelming, but knowing that they were able to honor their Grandfather's wishes to remain in his home, safe and independent, made it worthwhile. 


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Following the project on Nicola's Grandfather's home, Nicola and Doug decided to create a business that combined their extensive experience and expertise to serve Seniors, and their families, who have the same wish: to stay in their homes.  Doug has worked over 20 years in the Senior Community, managing several Nursing and Assisted Living Facilities in the Central Ohio area as a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator. Nicola is a Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS) and experienced Project Manager.  Together, we will create a Custom Home Plan based on you (or your loved one's) individual needs and oversee your project from beginning to completion to ensure your safety and satisfaction.

the creation of Brady Senior Home Solutions

There had to be a better way...

Doug and Nicola have been married for over ten years and reside in Granville, Ohio with their three children. Family has always been an important part of their lives. Their eldest son, Brady, was named after Nicola's Grandfather, so it seemed appropriate to name Brady Senior Home Solutions in honor of Nicola's Grandfather and the legacy that they are building for their children.  

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