Reduce your risk of injury and improve safety within your home with Attune

Home Safety, Simplified

let's Get you Started

let's Get you Started

FREE Home Safety Questionnaire
Start here by answering questions about your home so that we can uncover what changes need to be made to it to make it safer and easier for you to live in. It is easy to complete and can be taken on a cell phone, tablet or computer. 

Making your home safer in just 2 simple steps:
1. Complete the free home safety questionnaire 
2. Download your customized Home safety Plan for only $99.

Home Safety Plan  $99. 
Based on your responses to the Home Safety Questionnaire we will create your customized Home Safety Plan- where everything is brought together, just for you!

Your Home Safety Plan will include:

General Suggestions: helpful insights and suggestions about home safety and comfort that may not require a specific product or service.
Custom Recommendations: products and services that we recommend based on your responses to the questionnaire.

Product Recommendations:
  • clickable links that take you directly to the product listing in Amazon so that you can easily add the item to your cart and purchase with your Amazon account
  • highly rated product listings on Amazon
  • each recommendation will feature a variety of product listings for you to find what works best for you (variances in price, ease of installation, temporary/permanent fixtures, etc.) or, you could use the suggested products as a reference point to find similar products (ex: faster shipping or a price that better fits your budget)
  • We update our product recommendations each month to provide you with the most up-to-date solutions

Service Recommendations: 
  • Mobility products and home accessibility enhancements that aren't available for purchase on Amazon that can be rented or purchased through a local service provider

Once you have read through your plan you will have a very clear understanding of what changes you'd like to make to your home to make it safer, what products you'll need to do that, and who can help you with unboxing and installation. And, even more importantly, you are in control, with your plan, you decide what changes you make based on your budget or needs.